Transaction Sales - Add Customer - POS


New customers can be added from the POS. If the prevent mandatory fields for customer creation box is checked on the CAS (configuration>add to mailing list prompt) the only mandatory fields are first name and customer number. Otherwise email address is also a mandatory field. Sales receipts will be emailed to the customer if an email address is provided, mail server is set up, and if the Go Green feature is activated.

Customer information can be entered in quickly by swiping Drivers License or scanning ID. If you link the customer to an existing customer who is part of a customer static group - this new customer will be automatically added to the Customer Group.

If an existing customer is selected a view transactions button pops up. 

Note:  POS databases only contain customer records for customers created at the store and those who have done transactions at the POS. When a transaction is performed for a customer who is not in the POS database, the application will pull the information from the CAS and update the local database similar to the way items are handled. In the event that there is no ongoing internet connectivity and the pos needs to have all customer records, a sync can be performed. This feature has added to only have required customer data at the POS and to keep the size of the data file to a minimum.


The customers can be added by the user, which can be selected during sales. The customer name will print on the transaction receipt. User can assign the customer to static groups or to a frequency group which have previously been created.

Date of Birth is a text field, so data can be entered as user wants (01/15/2013 or 01/15/13 or 01-15-13)

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