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Receipt are an important part of a transaction, even though they end up buried in the bottom of a purse or left at the counter. They do provided pivotal information for users and customer, besides the what and when of a transaction.  


Logo that are added to the transaction can create brand recognition for your store. Has to be between 100x100 pixels.

Store Information

Will always show the store name, and the transaction number. To read a transaction number it is broken down in to 4 parts: the year, type of transaction( 1-sale,2-return,3-exchange), register number, and transaction number.

For employee tracking they are recorded for the sales, with their id
Supplied the POS names, so user can see where the transaction was done.

And the when on the transaction with the date and time.


Will show the names of the customer, that has been assigned to the transaction

Transaction Details

Pretty straight forward, it will show the items sold, QTY, selling price and if any discount or coupons had been applied.


Shows how the customer paid and how. So in this transaction it was a split tender using cash and credit.

Total Savings

Since there was a discount applied for this item, it's displaying what the customer saved today.

Transaction Barcode

One of the greatest things for the receipt is the transaction barcode, which allows users to scan in the barcode for easy returns. If a merchant has been using verified returns, with the transaction barcode, it can save time in verifying items and finishing a transaction. If they haven't it maybe time to reevaluate their return policy or try implementing. 

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