Purchase Orders - Variance Orders - CAS


This report lists items received through purchase orders with quantity overages (or underages) or price variances. It is useful to monitor effective of the vendor in filling orders accurately or pin pointing potential issues with changes to cost or quantity once items are ordered. 



The Report can be found under the Purchase Order tab of the Report menu and can be run for a specific date and filtered by Venue, Classification or Attribute. The user can select to run it for Cost Variances (Cost of the item received is higher than the Cost of the Item in PO) or by Quantity (Quantity of the item received is greater than quantity in the PO). Should the user want a detailed report, they can do so by selecting the detailed option.


Access to this function at an enterprise level is limited by default to the System Administrator and Financial users only. Accounting, store managers, warehouse general managers as well as zone managers may view the Price Variance Purchase Order report at venue(s) or store(s) assigned to them.