Attribute Analysis


This reports the sales by department, category, sub category, vendor, style, color, and size. The user is able to see the consolidated sales for each attribute, select a date range for the data, and select how wide of a search criteria to analyze (venue level, store, group, or register). 

This report can be utilized to review your inventory in terms of sales and stock on hand. Run the report at a high level consolidated by departments and see what the GMROI, the stock on days and the markdown % are at a department level. These are indicators of what your investment is returning at a department level, how well stocked you are on complimentary product and what is the imapct of markdowns on your expected pricing models



The user should  Filter and Consolidate Report to target the classifications and attributes and dates that yields the data needed. 

The user then can generate the report or download the CSV file. Once a report is generated, the user can see the Attribute, Item name, # Sold, #Trans, Sales, COGS, Margin %, Avg Retail, Markdown %, GMROI, Gross Margin, Stock Days, Inventory Turnover.

The Stock Days Data provides the User a financial tool, as well as the Inventory Turnover Data

Use with Other Reports to optimize usability:
The Reorder Report indicated items that may need to be reordered. This report is helpful to use in conjunction with the attribute analysis report, to see if certain attributes within a category are poor performers (are hats hot sellers but blue hats have higher stock days. This can help you adjust the purchases from the vendor or adjust the placement within the store).

Attribute Analysis Report Use Cases


Access to this function at an enterprise level is limited by default to the System Administrator and Financial users only. Accounting, store managers, warehouse general managers as well as zone managers may view Inventory Balance report at Venues or Store assigned to them.