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Release Notes for POS 4.3

Release Notes for CAS 4.0.4

Release Notes for TabPOS 1.9 (Known issue 3/10/16 - scanning an item in the sales transaction screen opens the transaction level functions side panel. This is being fixed... Current work around is to scan the item on the Home Screen. Once scannedit will take you to the transaction screen to complete the sale or scan additional items (additional items can scan from the sales transaction screen)

Coming Soon:

Release Notes for POS Version 4.4

Release Notes for CAS 4.0.5

View Release Notes for POS and CAS Versions


CAS Release 3.5.11

CAS Release 3.5.14

CAS Release 3.5.15

CAS Release 3.5.16

CAS Release 3.6

CAS Release 3.6.1

CAS Release 3.6.2

CAS Release 3.6.3

CAS Release 3.6.4

CAS Release  3.7

CAS Release 3.7.1

CAS Release 3.7.2

CAS Release 3.7.3

CAS Release 3.7.31

CAS Release 3.7.4

CAS Release 3.7.5

CAS Release 3.7.6

CAS Release 3.8

CAS Release 3.9

CAS Release 4.0.3


POS Release 4.0.14


POS Release 4.0.16

POS Release 4.0.17

POS Release 4.0.18

POS Release 4.0.19

POS Release 4.0.20

POS Release 4.0.21

POS Release 4.0.22

POS Release 4.0.23

POS Release 4.0.24

POS Release 4.0.25

POS Release 4.1

POS Release 4.1.01

POS Release 4.1.02

POS Release 4.1.03

POS Release 4.2

Archived POS Release Notes:

Archived CAS Release Notes: