Inventory Count

Inventory Count on your Inventory Manager application is used for counting your inventory and creating an adjustment that can be used as the Inventory Adjustment on CAS. On CAS review the adjustments and commit them to complete the process.

Create or Modify a Project

This is where you will start (or modify) a project and this section will contain all the projects that need to be initiated. 


Press (plus) to start a new count

Project Name: Typically a couple of words to describe the count (Ties 082918)

Location Type: Toggle to Store or Warehouse

Location: select an existing store or warehouse from the dropdown

Reconciliation Type: Item - the count of each item will adjust based on the number scanned. 

                                  Full - Assumes all items not included are no longer in the store/warehouse and will adjust those to quantity 0

Press Next and start scanning the products

Scanning Items:

Use the camera on the phone to scan items or enter the UPC in the search box. The search result will display the Item Detail: UPC, Item Name, price, Color, Size 

Enter Quantity (or use the default quantity 1) . Press OK and continue to scan additional items

OK - Means that you still want to scan more items and it will save the data on the mobile device until you have complete the scans and are ready to initiate the adjustment.

When all items have been scanned Press Finish

FINISH - Means that you are done and you want to initiate the adjustment.

Once you you hit Finish all the projects will be listed on Create a project page and will be pending to be initiated .

INITIATE - This will initiate the project and a transaction number will be given. All initiated project will be listed and will be on CAS under Transaction -> Inventory -> Inventory adjustment -> Commit adjustment.

EMAIL - Sends an email with the item detail   - UPC, Quantity, Item Name, price, Color, Size. This is useful when multiple employees are entering items into the system and you have an employee that uses the counts for reconciling


You are only able to receive product that has previously been received into the store

Projects cannot be edited until they have been initiated. After you initiated  your projects you can modify them on your mobile device before  committing the adjustment on CAS. to modify a project, supervisor validation is needed (even if logged in as a supervisor)

To modify the adjustment go to Modify a project.