How to uninstall MYSQL 5.6 from Windows

Scenario: User uses installer and does not configure MYSQL 5.6 correctly, the app will not open and user will not be able to use retailcloud POS. Instead of using the Windows Control Panel to uninstall MySQL, you should use the MySQL Installer application which we install by default.

Steps to take:

  1.  Stop the retailcloud app if it is running in Task Manager
  2. Open the MySQL Installer
  3. Select and Remove the MySQL Server AND the MySQL Data Directory
    1. Do not remove the MySQL Installer
  4. Reboot the computer
  5. Open the MySQL Installer
  6. Click 'Add' to go through the process as if installing MySQL for the first time, note the password.
  7. Re-run the POS Installer application
  8. Start the POS again and it should take you to the Download Screen.