Release Notes November 2, 2011 POS 4.00.017

Automatic coupons

The new Set-it and Forget-it, Automatic Coupons allows you to set your Coupon time periods and let the system handle the rest. The criteria for an automatic coupon has been enhanced to allow for specific time and date settings to apply to the coupon. The retailer can now apply the coupon for specific times of the day (such as from 4pm – 5pm) or by day (Tuesday specials). This allows for greater flexability to target consumer sales during times or days of the week with lulls in sales.

Promotional Message in Receipt

Promote to your customers, get your message across to your customers by using the new Promotional Message. The user now has the ability to create a promotional message of up to 250 characters which will be dusplayed on the customers receipts. This can be created on the CAS or POS. If created on the POS, this message will supercede the message saved on the CAS.

Enabling SFTP

Backups and restores of the POS database can now be sent to either a FTP or SFTP site.  Storage to Remote Folders are ideal for data backups that can be accessed from anywhere at anytime, but does require proper installation and setup for security.

Customer records at POS

POS databases will now only contain customer records for customers created at the store and those who have done transactions at the POS. When a transaction is performed for a customer who is not in the POS database, the application will pull the information from the CAS and update the local database similar to the way items are handled. In the event that there is no ongoing internet connectivity and the pos needs to have all customer records a sync can be performed at the time of download and whenever connectivity is available to download all records. This feature has been modified to only have required customer data at the POS and to keep the size of the data file to a minimum.