POS - Inventory Adjustment

POS - Inventory Adjustment:

This function allows for the user to adjust quantities by quantity 1 increments

One of the most important things for a merchant is to keep a current Quantity on Hand of inventory. An easy way to do that is through adjustments, a merchant can have Store Managers and rights above that initiate an adjustment from the POS. For items that have become damaged, or need to be removed from inventory, merchants can enter in the UPC or use the item search then decrease the current QTY on hand. Merchants can enter in the remarks for this adjustment, why the item was either damaged or removed. Then Initiate. Once initiated this adjustment will still need to be committed before any inventory is adjusted.

Whenever the merchant would like to know exactly how many articles of an item are on the floor, they can audit that item, type in the UPC or use the search item feature, to know the current qty on hand, then adjust however many up or down. Since this is only the initiate process, of an adjustment it will not effect inventory till it has been committed. So the merchant can verify the adjusted totals before it changes any inventory totals.