Inventory - Item Look Up - CAS


The Item Lookup report displays by Royalty level and Category all the SKU items in inventory and where they are located within a Venue, Store or Enterprise. This can be  used  to create a report of where every item is located in a venue in the event that you wish to consolidate items from low volume store to high volume stores.  

To forecast inventory requirements based on trends you can establish analysis rules and generate Reorder Level Reports .

Handy Hint

Use this report if you would like to see Inventory balances in a store by category. 


To filter Report by Venue, Store, Group, or Warehouse user selects the appropriate drop down.

To pull items by classifications user selects Department, Category, SubCategory, Vendor, Royalty, Size, Style or Color. Any combination selected will pull the appropriate items to the report.

To view the report from a begining UPC number to an ending UPC number in numeric order user enteres the beginning UPC into From: and the ending UPC into To:

The user then can generate the report or download the CSV file.

If the user generates a report, the report lists 

Royalty - The name of the Royalty that is attached to the item

Category - the second tier of classification of the item.

UPC - Universal Product code for the Item. Under the UPC is what locations have the Item in-stock, Warehouse or stand.
Description - Show the name of the Item and the name of the Warehouse or (Store)Stand that the item belongs to. In the same column shows a row of the Item Totals. You can see the total of QOH, and the On Hand Cost, retail Values as well as the sales QOH, Cost, and Retail values.

Unit Cost - The cost of the Item that the user spent to get the item

Retail price- Price the User sells the item for

On Hand

Quantity - the QOH of the item in the specific location

Cost Value - The Unit cost multiplied by QOH

Retail Value - The Retail price muliplied the QOH


Quantity - The Quantity of the Item that was sold

Cost Value - The Cost Price multiplied by the Quantity that was sold

Retail Value - The Retail Price multiplied by the amount that was sold.


Access to this function at an enterprise level is limited by default to the System Administrator and Financial users only. Accounting, store managers, warehouse general managers as well as zone managers and human resource managers may view Item Look Up report at Venues or Store assigned to them.