Inventory - Serial Number History - CAS


Serial Number History report generate transaction reports of serialize items. The report can show Sale, Receiving, Transferring and Adjustment transaction of a Serialized Item.




User provides details and generates Serial Number History Report. User specifies the report by the venue, store, and then provides details such as department, size, and the date range which the sales are to be reported. Users can also provide the Serial Number of the Item and the Transaction Number.

The user then can generate the report or download the CSV file. 

Each Serial Number is listed with details of the transaction.

Description of report headers:

Serial Number: Number of the Serial Number. This is a unique Number of an Item that's been serialize. 

Description: Shows the Item name.

Transaction Date: The date of the transaction.

Customer Number: The name of the customer.

Customer Name: Name of the customer.

Transaction type: The type of transaction of the serialize item. it can either be Sales, Receiving, Transferring or Adjustment.

Department:  Department of the serialized item.

Category: Category of the serialized item.

Sub Category: Sub category of the serialized item.

Color: Color of the serialized item.

Brand: Brand of the serialized item.

Supplier: Vendor of the serialized item.

Transaction Initiated By: User name of the person that initiated the transaction.