Important installation considerations

Important information for customers, resellers and Integrators

Wireless Networks

We do not recommend wireless settings be activated at the POS. If a customer, reseller or integrator uses wireless technology with the retailcloud POSitrak application, that wireless vendor's default settings should be changed.


Customers should deploy anti-virus software on all systems that the application will run on.  

  • Ensure that all anti-virus programs are capable of detecting, removing, and protecting against all known types of malicious software. 
  • Ensure that all anti-virus mechanisms are current, actively running, and capable of generating audit logs.

Router and Firewall

It is important that all POS workstations be protected by a secure firewall.

Enabling Windows Event Viewer 

Audit Logs are automatically activated when the application is installed. The application does this using Event Viewer in Windsows XP, which will need to be activated.

User Management

retailcloud is a rights and roles based application, customers should make sure that logons and passwords are only created for authorized users. To verify users you can generate an Employee Listing report.

Employee Records and emails

Remote Access

The retailcloud POSitrak application is not shipped with remote access. 

If customers, resellers or integrators are granted remote access to the payment processing environment, access should be authenticated using a two-factor authentication mechanism (username/ password and an additional authentication item such as a token or certificate). In the case of reseller or integrator remote access accounts, in addition to the standard access controls these accounts should only be active while access is required to provide service. Access rights should include only the access rights required for the service rendered, and should be carefully monitored and audited.