Installing the Application

Setup wizard.

Before running the setup wizard, make sure your have installed Java 7  and MySQL version 5.0 or MySQL version 5.6 (use the POS INSTALLER). Merchants using an embed version on windows will only be able to use the Windows, MySQL version 5.0 or 5.6. After you have confirmed that this has been installed then you are ready to run the Setup Wizard.

Important Tip about Passwords

Do not use the the default root user name and password for the MySQL admin user. Create a new MYSQL user with admin rights and use that to install the pos application. Be sure to keep your user name and password, as you will need to enter it when you install or reinstall the POS application on your PC.

IMPORTANT: If a MySQL re-install was required at anytime (such as root password not working), these are the necessary steps:

  • Uninstall the MySQL 5 from the control panel
  • Delete the MySQL folder under Program Files
  • Make sure the MySQL Service/Process are not running anymore (on Task Manager)
  • Restart the computer
  • Install the MySQL 5 and go through the MySQL configurations steps


Double-click your POS Setup icon and begin installation. 

Your InvenTrak™ POS Application Setup Wizard will begin your process. Click Next to move forward to the next window.

User License Agreement

The next step requires the User License Agreement, to move forward in the Application you must agree to the ULA.

Type of Installation


Select Fresh Installation if you are doing a brand new install for your store. This will update the data which is in the CAS tables to the POS. If you choose Upgrade Existing Installation to upgrade your software from an earlier version, the data will remain the same in the POS tables.

User id and Password

Enter the MySQL admin user name and the password that you previously created. Best practices recommend against using the default "root" admin user name and password.


Installation of Files

After all your files have been installed, click Next to move forward and finish up your installation process.


Click Finish to complete your POS Installation Process, now you can download your register.

The following process needs to be followed if downloading the application on hardware with Windows 7 configurations.


If you don't want your touch screen to beep every time you touch the screen you can use these step to stop the beeping.

  • Start>All Programs>egalaxy touch>configure utility>settings tab>uncheck beep on touch.

Securing your PC

Here's a How-To Video on Disaster Recovery