Release Notes July 20, 2011 POS 4.00.15

Cash Tender – Displaying Change Due

On sales transactions, where cash will be returned to the customer (the change on the funds received by the customer), the amount of change to give the customer is displayed on the screen.

Function ID's (POS)

Additional function ID's were added for various POS functions, this allows for the ability to remove the right to the function from a user. The additional functions are synchronizing transactions, synchronizing master table, refund receipt search, item look up, edit item details, tax exempt transactions, sales discounts, line coupons, and verify refund. This can be modified from CAS>Management>User>Employee>Modify Rights.

Transaction Level Coupon Code (POS)

On the Sales Screen, there is now a drop down to display transaction level coupon codes which are available to be used on the transaction (expired coupons are excluded from the drop down list). The coupon amount will be deducted from the total sale, it applies on a transaction level. The coupon amount will be reported in Media Tender reports on the POS and included in the Real Time Sales Report on CAS.

Remarks Printed on Cash Pickup and Payout

The remarks noted on Cash Pickups and Cash Payouts are now displayed on the printed receipt.

Tax1 and Tax2

An additional field has been added in the postransactionsitemdetails table, so that tax1 and tax 2 can be reported separately. Previously the 2 taxes were added together into one field. This will help clarify the taxes.

Cashier Data on Null Transaction

In cases where the EmployeeID is dropped and a transaction does not have this data, the EmployeeID has a default of "1" so that this field is populated, and eliminates odd error messages caused by not having an entry in this field.