Device Management

The retailcloud application is supported on a number of devices to meet the needs of all merchants:

POS - This is a behind the counter solution which not only processes sales transactions, allows for layaway/prepaid sales, integrated gift cards, receiving and adjustments of inventory. All activity is available on the back end CAS from anywhere in the world. Have a full service unit with acessibility to pertinent data where ever you are. Uses a license for each unit.

Tablet - A strong clienteleing device, allowing for sales personnel to interact with customers, through images of inventory, ring up sales or allow the POS to complete the sale. Compatible with the Black Widow for a versatile solution. Uses a license for each unit.

mPOS - Down load from your  Android Play Store, to complement your POS solution or as a "away from the store" device. The mPOS can be used as a line buster during those hectic hours or as a way to ring up sales at a street fair. (uses the RedFin Gateway for credit card processing). Uses a license for each unit. 

mInventory - Download from your Android Play Store - an easy way to add new inventory into your system. Ofter used by a merchant new to the system to scan barcodes and enter the items into the system. Does not require an additional license.

Inventory Manager - Download from your Android Play Store, this application helps with receiving of new inventory, auditing existing merchandise to reconcile inventory. Uses a license for each unit