Managing Close Bank - POS


There are three modes to close bank (simple, modified, detail, as set on CAS). This screen shot is of the detail mode where the user enters the quantity of each bill denomination found in the cash register when the bank is closed, and the bank total is automatically generated.


From the CAS the maximum bank closing amount is set. If the actual closing amount on the register is greater than the previously set maximum closing amount, register user should enter the maximum closing amount and will be taken to a screen where the remaining balance can be entered. A deposit box will appear for the remaining amount and the amount over the maximum closing amount can be entered.  The total value is located on the bottom of the screen and the maximum closing amount plus the entered deposit value should equal the total amount.

Note: User must not enter special characters such as a comma (,) or dollar sign ($). Using these characters will cause the entry to not be accepted by the system.

Once the bank is closed, all transactions for that day end, and when bank is reopened all reports start back at zero. If the bank is closed, then opened in the same day, the closing balance will be retained causing the current cash balances to be reflected incorrectly. The correct process is to open the bank with the previous closing amount and then to perform a cash pick up transaction.

NOTE:  Once the bank is closed, all key strokes are disabled (user is only able to Close Batch and Log Out). This is a security feature which requires a user to log in in order to perform any activity.

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