Creating Bin Locations


A bin is a location that inventory is stored in within a warehouse or store. This will be displayed on reports and it assists in locating product in a large facility.

Bins can also be created from the Merchandise Receiving UI and the Commit Transfer UI, to be used as the items are received.


Each bin must have its own unique Description. This will show up in all reports so you should name them carefully. If you try to create a bin with an existing name an error message is displayed.

Select the Type of destination from the drop down menu that the bin is to be created in.

Select the destination Store/Warehouse from the drop down menu.

Click Create to save.


Access to this function at an enterprise level is limited by default to the System Administrator and Financial users only. Accounting, store managers, warehouse general managers as well as zone managers and human resource managers may modify bin location settings at Venues or Store assigned to them.