Removing a Duplicate UPC

Occasionally, items are created in error and are difficult to remove, such as an item with a duplicate UPC. The system allows you to create multiple items with the same UPC and there are great reasons why you may intentionally create them - but this section covered the scenarios when you have created the multiple items with the same UPC and you want to remove the unwanted ones.


Some of the problems you may encounter with multiple items using the same UPC - include not being able to perform inventory tasks such as inventory adjustments (as it does not know which of the items it needs to adjust)


Step 1:

Make each of the UPC's unique. Go to CAS>Management>Inventory>Master Item.

Search for the UPC - modify the ones that are duplicates by adding a letter after the current UPC (Example: UPC is 99956899023 - modify the UPC to 99956899023a)


Step 2: 

If you have inventory that you need to transfer from the UPC you are removing - that should be done now. 

If the inventory is also duplicated - do an inventory adjustment (initiate/commit) to remove it from that item.


Step 3:

Make the UPC's inactive from the CAS>Inventory>master Item

Search for the UPC that you want to be inactive- modify the item by changing the status from Active to Inactive - save