Serialization Prompts


Users can keep track of inventory with serial numbers. The use of tracking serial numbers is useful to various business types - including computer stores, antiques and collectibles, animal pedigrees, or gun shops. 

Serial prompts will need to be defined to allow for the collection of additional information. For example, you could define a serial prompt code to be used in receiving’s that requests the classification and optionally requires the user to enter either "New" or "Used." You may use the same prompt codes for all serialized items, or you may associate different prompt codes with different items. Serial prompt information is retained with the transaction detail. Serial prompts are defined at the time an item/classification/attribute is set for serialization. They can be designated as text box inputs or to display information entered in a field associated with item (description, Classification Attribute etc)
Each field can be designated as a mandatory entry (based on transaction type if necessary) Users should also be able to require a customer record to be attached to each record

The prompts that are displayed when an item is serialized are customizable and the user can select if the information is mandatory . The prompts can be created for Sales, Refunds, Receiving, Adjustments, and Transfers. 

Once created the prompts will display during the above transactions for Always Serial items and the user must enter the mandatory information to complete the transaction