Signing In & Out - POS


This process allows the user access to the system using a valid username and password. These entries are case sensitive.


Username:  Specify the name of the user that is attempting to access the system.

Password: The user must enter the password that corresponds to the username.
The system will log in at this point. If the username or password is incorrect, the program will display an error message. 

If the user has forgotten their password and want a temporary password sent to their email address, click on Forgot Password. This can be used for forgotten as well as first time access to the POS. Please note - the user must have their email address set up on their employee record so the system has a email address to verify against.

If the users role does not allow them access to the POS, a message will be displayed to indicate that they do not had access (these roles include Financial, Venue Manager, and Warehouse Manager)

This part of the wiki document will explain how the User ID and Password are established and how the message is relayed to the POS, if the employee is /wiki/spaces/FAQ/pages/2097377