Release Notes August 8, 2011 CAS 3.5.09

Bin Location Revamping

In the merchandise receipt or merchandise transfer screens two new buttons have been added which allow for creating a new bin location or setting the bin location for the items. These are accessed from the bin location lookup screen (the box after the bin location).

Consolidated items push to the POS

The bug has been fixed, so that consolidated items are pushed to the POS. When a user does an inventory consolidation (Transaction>Merchandise Transfer) from a warehouse to store, the items are now pushed to the store through jms messages immediately.

 Inventory Balance Report - Unit Cost corrected when QOH is Zero

The Inventory Balance Report now displays the unit cost when the quantity on hand is zero.

Manual Sales Commit - Unit Cost 

Committing a manual sales transaction will now correctly reflect the item cost, previously it was showing as zero.

Merchandise Receiving Import

A new import is now available for Merchandise Receiving. This import has been added so that users have the option of using the UI to receive merchandise or import the data directly.

Modify or delete report automation

The report automation feature had been enhanced to allow for the modifying and deletion of the report.

Report data from relevant tables

When the cost price is part of a sales report, the figure displayed reflects the cost data at the time of the transaction.

Tax Structure – Change in minimum Tax

Minimum taxable amount can now be applied to both Tax1 and Tax2 (previously minimum taxable amount was only established for the entire tax structure, which assumed that the same minimum tax rule applied to both percentages).  As tax agencies can now set their own minimum tax rates, and each percentage could have a separate minimum taxable amount, the application now allows for minimums to be set on both tax rates.

Merchandise Transfer Report - csv (#988)

The details are now part of the csv file on the Merchandise Transfer Report so that the user obtains the full information as displayed on the pdf report (when the option for details is selected as part of the criteria).