Other POS Settings - CAS


This feature is used to prompt the cashier to add a customer to the mailing list; along with setting the refund verification and Prevent mandatory fields for customer creation.


If the /wiki/spaces/CRM/overview is checked, customers will be automatically added to the data base when a credit card is used as a payment type. For the other tenders a dialog box will appear prompting the cashier to ask the customer if they want to join the Customer Database on all transactions where a Customer is not selected. 

Refund Verification, allows a return to be verified against a transaction number and able for quick returns of all items in that transaction.

Prevent Mandatory Fields for Customer Creation, allows the user to take how much information they would like to record and bypass the mandatory fields (name and email)


Access to this function at an enterprise level is limited  to the System Administrator, Financial, Venue and Store managers at locations assigned to them.