Update POS


This function is used by the System Administrator to modify POS details once a POS has been created. User can update of modify information on the POS information 


The user selects the POS Name from the drop down menu. All previously entered data populated. Update the fields as needed. 

Hardware ID: The user must provide an ID for the hardware (Hardware ID), this is the POS serial number if known or another identifier. This is a Mandatory Field.

Name: The user must provide a name for the POS, this is often the same as the Hardware ID (POS serial number) or another name that the merchant may want to use. This is a Mandatory Field.

Date of Purchase: The date the equipment was purchased

Date of Termination: The date the equipment was terminated 

Vendor:  Vendor equipment was purchased from

Price: Price paid by our company for  the equipment

Hardware Description: Provide additional detail of other peripheral equipment being used.

Status: If the POS is  Non-Allocated or Allocated.

Merchant: The merchant name that the POS belongs to

Press update when done to save changes

Access: Access is limited to the System Administrator