Reset Settings - CAS


After selecting a venue, user can select different functions to reset. User checks boxes next to every function he wants to reset and the settings for those functions for all stores in that venue will be reset.Example: User can select the reset speed keys settings and all the products assigned to speed keys will be cleared, leaving the speed keys free for the assignment of new products.Resetting the bank procedures will reset any open/close bank setting which are set at the store level to what is set at the Venue "All" level. By resetting the bank procedures it allows for users to modify the Max for the bank open and close. As well as changing the mode back to default of simple. So as business needs change user can reset the function to start over and change. This makes it so all entities have uniform settings. 


It is not uncommon for several changes to be made at the POS or at a Store or Venue level. When that occurs changes made at the Enterprise level will not override those changes, the only way to have that happen is for the setting to be reset here and then modified in the appropriate user interface.


Access to this function at an enterprise level is limited by default to the System Administrator and Financial users only. Accounting, store managers, warehouse general managers as well as zone managers and human resource managers may modify and reset settings at Venues or Store assigned to them.