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There are 37 reports available on the CAS in 10 different Categories. Access to reports is based upon the roles and rights as well as venue, zones, warehouses and stores assigned to the user. The user can obtain relevant financial calculations from the reports.

User has the option of creating custom date ranges for quick access to the time spans they use most often. The user will create the custom date ranges then select the 6 date ranges to appear on all reports.

titleHandy Hint

Use the download csv file to create a copy of any report that can be worked on in Excel. The reports are displayed as a  PDF document, that can easily be saved and reviewed later or forwarded on.


This tab contains the Customer Activity Report which generates customer information and transaction activity such as number of transactions the customer has run, the amount of refunds transactions they have done and the amount of coupons they have used.  


This tab contains Productivity which allows you to compare employees with the labor costs and sales, and Time and Attendance reports that tell you the clock in and out data of employees as well as Employee Data that tells you basic information about your employees and Pay Data reports for payroll integration,  and Sales Person Productivity.


This tab contains reports on Inventory Balances that shows inventory levels for your stores/venues, Item Lookup contains information on items, Inventory Adjustment informs on how many inventory adjustments where attempted and the status of each, Bestseller Lists help analyze and pick out items that are selling well and not so well, Over Stocked and Under Stocked aid in finding troubled areas and Receiving Journal lists how merchandise that was received.  Inventory - Serial Number History - CAS and Serial Number on Hand shows transactions and on hands inventory of serialized items. 


This tab contains the Real Time Sales report for sales totals, the Periodic Sales report for SKU level sales data, the Total Sales Report for consolidated item and department totals, the Projected Sales report for analysis of actual versus projected totals, Sales Summary and the Sales Tax Settlement  Report. Other Sales reports include Store Credit for status on Store Credit transactions and House Accounts which allow for viewing and updating House Account status.


This tab contains reports that are based on transaction exceptions. It includes reports on Discount Sales, Coupon Sales, RefundsCash Balances (including pickups and payouts), Attribute Analysis Report, Prepaid ActivityTransaction Activity, Fee Report, and Tip Report.

Purchase Orders

This tab contains reports related to Purchase Order transactions. It includes reports on Status, Back Order and Variances.


This tab contains reports related to warehouse activity. It includes reports on Merchandise Transfers, Pending Store Orders, Reorder Levels, Bin Locations and Merchandise Receipts .


This tab contains the Financial Reconciliation report which is used to reconcile deposit activity against expected POS totals.


This tab contains reports on Register Status and the POS Units .


This tab contains reports on Hierarchy ID's, Inventory Related ID's, Transaction Code ID's, Employee Listings, Merchant Hierarchy and Customer Group Settings.