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Quick Links

Create Mailing Setting

CRM Builder

Add Customers - POS

Add Customers - CAS


Fodder for Thought - Go Green

Save a tree - Go Green.

Go Green option is available automatically when the CRM Builder is enabled

Even with GoGreen, customer receipts can be printed, if needed using the Reprint Function

Customer information can be added on the POS by swiping the customer's drivers license

Go Green - Activation

By using an emailed receipt, we offer a way to reduce the paper trail by giving customers the option of having their transaction receipts automatically emailed to them. If the customer opts to "go green", the cashier validates an email address on the payment terminal and the receipt is instantly transmitted to the customer. This feature provides store owners with a beneficial way to gather customer data into the system, therefore providing a better way to gain access to customized customer information to better market towards them individually. By activating the CRM builder it will allow user to be prompted for "go green".