Features Highlighted for the Liquor and Vape Store

The solution although powerful, is designed to be simple to use, simple to manage, and simple to implement. It can be as simple or as in depth as you want it to be. We have thought of your needs and have developed a Liquor and Vape Industry program that simplifies the sales and provides you with the tools to help your business succeed. 

We know the liquor and vape industry and have developed a program that helps you comply with the industry regulations and understands what you need. Our product matrix allows your to easily keep track of your sales of all flavors, bottle sizes and nicotine levels on each purchase. This is easy to set up and easy for the cashier to ring up.

You can start with a few important features and add them as you grow. The industry specific features are available on the Windows Desktop application, and many are premium features available on the Windows Enterprise application. Some features are also available on the tablet application.

Easy Set up:

Initial set up is simplified with pre loaded departments and categories. Let us know that you would like the preloaded information

All your data can be viewed by you anytime, anyplace anywhere…from any device; for any time period

•Comes preloaded with departments and categories for vape stores
•Easy to use quick pick for liquids by bottle size, flavor, and nicotine levels
•Cloud stored documentation of  transactions including ID status when available for easy access
•Real time and historical reporting of sample sales
•Automatically generate reorders, when supplies are depleted, to user-defined levels based on trends
•Customer history and activity available anytime anyplace anywhere

Scan UPC or use quick pick touch screen buttons

Age verification by category

Set up certain inventory classifications to automatically prompt the cashier to ask for id at the time that the item is rung up. The cashier can then continue if the id meets the age criteria or cancel  the transaction if it does not. This is simple and fast,and it forces the cashier to comply with the age verification requirement each time the sale is rung. There are two methods of verifying ID available, the basic level where,when the transaction is rung up a prompt is displayed for the cashier to check ID, at which point they press OK if the ID requirement is met, or press cancel if it is not met to end the transaction. Or the documented ID Check, with the same ID Prompt displayed, but instead of just clicking an OK button to continue;  it requires the cashier to either scan a drivers license, indicate what of type id was used to check age, to mark the transaction as customer appeared to be over 27, or cancel it. When a license is scanned it will display the date of birth and the DL # in the panel for the cashier to review. The method of verification, if any, is stored with the transaction record and can be produced as needed


You can track your customer history to help customize their visits as you know their favorites and buying habits and even use the loyalty program to reward your loyal customers. When the Enable CRM prompt is activated, the cashier is prompted at the end of all transactions to ask the user if they would like to be added to their CRM. If the customer agrees, the information can be entered using a Drivers License swipe or by manually keying in the transaction. This enables the store operator to collect sales information on each customer with which the customer experience can be enhanced building brand loyalty.

Loyalty Program

Customers can earn points for dollars spent for items purchased even limited to a certain category (such as eliquids). These points can then be redeemed for cash value or for merchandise within a certain category. Cashiers can be prompted at the end of each transaction to ask customers if they want to enroll in the loyalty program

Club Pricing

Create customer groups using their phone numbers and offer special pricing and discounts automatically to that group. Once registered, create mailing campaigns based on their purchase history and preferences. You can also generate reports to see how this customer group is performing in relationship to your overall customer base. It’s a great way to build brand loyalty

Management Alerts

Activate email alerts, so that you or others are alerted when functions occur at the store or on the web portal that are of concern. There are over 50 different alerts available, which include:

  •      When cash in the drawer exceeds the amount you specify
  •      When product quantities fall below certain levels and needs replenishment
  •      When product shipped to you is at a different price or quantity that your ordered it at
  •      Clock in (time and attendance) variances

Other Features:

Inventory Tracking

Manage inventory easily - track bulk and bottles

Re-order and restock inventory based on trends

Create packages for sampling and promotion on demand

Easily track employee sales & hours

Bottle, flavor, and nicotine matrix

Customer loyalty programs and gift cards

Look up customer preferences and history

Club pricing

Email marketing

Email receipts

Easy to use analytics and alert management

Integrated EMV ready payments

Many integrations including Quickbooks

Multi POS, store & region capability

Connect online, in-store and mobile devices

Online and offline capability