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Certain items are priced to the customer for different amount and the store owner does not want to have to create different items for each sales price or go into the item edit screen each time the sales price needs to be changed. The variable priced item will have a pop up appear when it is sold on the sales transaction screen which prompts for the sales price. This makes this type of item one that can be rung up quickly.


How to create a variable priced item:

From CAS - Go to the master item screen CAS>Management>Inventory Classification>Master Item

Create an item and in the "Sales Price" box put $0.00, save


Processing on POS/Tablet

From the sales transaction screen sell the Variable Priced item, a pop up will appear that prompts for the sale price.

Update Item Price check box is checked
Disable the Text box to enter the Variable Price item
Open up a new two text boxes for Cost Price and Retail Price with Ok , Cancel Button
Cost Price will be only opened for Store Manager, Financial, Supervisor Role otherwise disabled or greyed out.
Retail Price is opened for all users
When a price is updated and saved . It should simply call the Item update logic which is there exists today and add the item to cart with the updated retail price


Fun Facts:

You can also create a Variable Discount and a Variable Coupon and when you apply it to the sale it will prompt for the discount/coupon amount.