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 Prepaid Activity Report


This is a report that is used to view layaway transactions that were performed on the POS. This report can be run by Venue, Store, Group, Zone or Customer

User can specify all or specific program name and all or specific status and it can be run at a transaction level or at an item detail level

Descriptions of Report Fields:

Customer Name: Name of the Customer

Customer Number: Number of the Customer

Email Address: Email Address of the Customer

Prepaid Transaction number: Transaction number for the assigned to the original transaction.

STS Gift Card Number: The number of the gift card that the transactions for that customer are being saved to. 

Program name: The name assigned to the program

Initial transaction date: The date when the transaction was created

Retail Amount: The amount of the Sale (not remaining balance)

COGS: Cost of goods sold

Last Payment Date: The last time a payment was made. (STS Enabled transactions only)

Number of Payments: The amount of payments that have been made. (STS Enabled transactions only)