Transfer and Receive Items


Transfer items involves movement of items from one store to another,  or from a store to a warehouse. User specifies which type of transfer it is and provides the destination, remarks, the UPCs and quantity of the items to be transferred. This is also used with the store order to transfer the inventory when the store has generated an order using the store order features and he wants to convert it to a transfer.  The process essentially transfers the items from one store to another eliminating the need to enter every item.


The transfer must be committed on CAS - this process will initiate the transfer, but it still needs to be committed.



Receiving items involves receiving store ordered items in the store that have been transferred to the store.

The user selects the transaction number from the drop down selection and enters remarks. The items will be displayed in the section , user will not be able to change the quantity received if different from the original order .


The only way to modify the the transferred/received amount is to initiate an item adjustmentadjustment will have to be committed at CAS level.