Partner - Modifying Merchant Information (CAS)


Partner Admin has the ability to make changes to their merchant domains


Steps to modify a merchant domain:

Log into CAS using your partner admin credentials

Go to Management>User>Merchant>Modify Merchant


Common Modifications:

Reset System Admin Password - A new temp password wil be generated and emailed to the merchant's email address currently associated with the Merchant's domain - this is typically the system admin's email address.

Clear Failed Logins - Users are allowed 6 failed logins before access is blocked. If the merchant knows the current password, clear failed logins will allow them to attempt to login again. If they forgot their password, clear the failed logins and then reset their password so they will be emailed a temp password.

Gateway Credentials - Add the Gateway Credentials for the merchant from this page

App Type - Change for default Standard to Decimal. If app type should be QSR, this is done by the system admin (log into the domain using the system admin credentials Go to Configuration>Company Details - change app type to QSR, Save)

#of Licenses - Increase or decrease the # of licenses (domains are billed on the # of licenses per month). Specify if the licenses are POS or Mobile

Payment Gateway - Select the gateway

Merchant Information - modify address information, email address, etc







CAS Partner Modifications: