Loyalty Program TabPOS

The following is the flow for the loyalty program on the tablet:


When Customer is added to the sales transaction:

When the loyalty program is enabled, current points are visible on the sales transaction screen

When Customer is not already added to the transaction:

The customer will be prompted at the completion of the sales, asking if they would like to be added to the loyalty program


If YES, and no existing record exists of the customer, the cashier will add a customer record and the information is added and the points accumulated.

If NO, transaction completes and no loyalty points are accumulated

If ADD TO EXISTING, cashier selects customer from existing customer records and the points are added to the customer record



On the Customer Screen loyalty points are shown






If a customer has earned enough points and is redeeming the points the following steps must be taken:

  • Add the items into the sales cart
  • Edit the item that will be discounted using the loyalty points.
  • Select the loyalty redemption coupon to be applied.
  • The Discount will be displayed on the sales cart.
  • Points will be decremented from the customers total points