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Package items can be an essential aspect of creating sales and maintaining customer relationships. Since the POS will recognize items found in multiple packages it gives the user the ability to up-sell items based on set structures for all customers. So you could create a packed that had two items and by adding an additional items create a packed for group price or promotion. As well as using the POS system to create packages user can simple hand key or scan in the package UPC.


So when When scanning in groups of items that are found in a package the user will receive a pop-up displayed at check-out for the remaining items to be added to the sale to create the package or promotion. This has created another upsell feature for the POS due to the fact that the package is displayed for all users and only comes up once criteria has been met. Allowing more users to provide MSIB, to all their customers.

Returns (Refunds) on an item that was sold in a package:

If all items in the package are returned and the return is based on the original receipt will provide a correct refund amount.

Verified Refunds needs to be enabled (on POS Configuration), if multiple items are in a package and only one returned, the merchant wants the customer to be refunded based on the package price so as not to over refund. 


If verified refunds is not enabled:

Return the "package", then ring up the items  that are not being returned - this will give the cashier the dollar amount that should be refunded.