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Data for any of the tables given in the drop down can be imported. A sample of each file layout can be found by highlighting the type and clicking the download sample CSV button.  A help button is included, for a quick link to the wiki site so the user can verify the data they are adding to the import fields. The import categories are transactions, warehouse management, item management, transaction codes, customer/users, classifications and attributes, and hierarchy. This feature is for experienced users, as headers must not be adjusted in any way and data must be formatted exactly as specified or the import will not be successful.

Tips for a Successful Import


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Bug Reporting
The Import Data screen has the Report a Bug button. This button is for the user to report an error they have received. The user must recreate the error so it can be captured, and then the relevant logs are emailed to the support staff. The process is for the user to press the Report a Bug button. You know the report a bug is activated when a pop up message appears stating that Report a Bug is activated. This will create enhanced logs and the user would then replicate the error. When the error occurs, the logs are sent to the support staff for review.