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The item import can be done with as little as three entries (ItemID, Name of the product, and price). All other entries are optional. Use the headers provides or other headers can be mapped to those known by the system. After submitted the import, you will be prompted to enter an email address to receive the results of the import (the email will notify you of the number of successfully imports items as well as the failures).


SellingPrice: Selling price for the items should be entered. 

Not mandatory:

UPC: Unique UPC is entered here with alpha numeric characters (do not use special characters or spaces). The UPC can be an extension of the
Item ID or completely different. But it should be unique. (Max Length 15 characters). If not entered, default value is ItemID


The other option will be to set the field to the amount of digits needed














Tip: When opening a CSV, in Excel or a spread sheet reader, to retain leading zeros the user must right click on the CSV file and open in note pad and save or edit in note pad.   More information on opening/saving CSV files while preserving data.