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Prepaid Sales (Layaway) - Initial Deposit

When a customer wants to use the established prepaid program (layaway), the items are scanned in the regular POS sales transaction screen. The transaction must only consist of the items that are being prepaid for.  If some items are being carried out they must be run as a separate transaction. The user must assign a customer to the transaction.  Customers attached to these transactions would be added to the associated group at the end of the transaction. 

The item is selected on the sales transaction screen and "Other" is selected as the Tender Type. This will display a few options including Prepaid.

Select Prepaid as the tender type and the screen which appears establishes the Prepaid transaction for the customer, including whether the payment plan will be based on a percent of the outstanding balance or a fixed amount, the fee, deposit amount, and balance. 

Once completed, the cashier will select "Pay" to complete the sale. The receipt will include the terms that were defined on the CAS with a signature line for the customer to agree to the terms. A copy of the receipt is printed for the customer and an additional one to attach to the merchandise.

Future payments on the Prepaid Item will be done from the Transactions Tab (selecting Prepaid)


Note: Prepaid is available to existing customers only. Add the customer to the transaction from the Customer/Find section of the Sales Transaction screen.

If the customer is new - you must add the customer first (Transactions>Customer) and then access the customer to add to the prepaid transaction

How is Inventory Affected:

Inventory is not changed (decremented) until final payment is made