Transactions Sales - Add / Modify Item - POS


Items can be created or modified on the POS, added to the inventory and sales made using that merchandise.

Note: items can also be created on CAS ( master items screen Creating an Item)


Required information is designated with an asterisk * . Your existing classifications, attributes, vendors, and sales tax options are available from the drop downs. 

Item ID, Name, UPC, and Selling Price are mandatory. Department, category and sub category display the default value and can be changed as needed, but are also mandatory fields. Details about size, color, style, discount, brand, cost price, season, royalty and tax, vendor, serialization level, tax inclusive, and no discount may also be provided. 

If you know your inventory level, include Quantity

Press Save when complete and return to the Sales Transaction screen to complete the sale


The items created on the POS will be available to all registers and all stores. You will be able to access the new itemon CAS as well for future modifications or to add additional inventory.

The Quantity entered here will be for the store in which the register is part of.





Access Rights:

Access rights are given to Store Manager