How to install ScaleFusion MDM

This document details how to install and configure the ScaleFusion MDM application for basic communication. When done you can remotely install and uninstall apps inside the ScaleFusion Launcher


  1. Download or Transfer scalefusion from bwapk

  2. Install APK

  3. Allow install from unknown apps if asked

  4. Open app

  5. Choose "Other Enrollment Options"

  6. Choose Scan QR Code

  7. Grant scalefusion to make and manage phone calls

  8. Grant scalefusion to take picture and record video

  9. Scan Relevant QR Code

  10. Tick the boxes for Grants as described below

    1. Device Admin

      1. Activate this device admin app

    2. Allow Usage Access

    3. App Notifications

      1. ScaleFusion

    4. Install from unknown Sources

      1. ScaleFusion

    5. Enable Overlay Permission

    6. Write System Settings

      1. ScaleFusion

    7. Disable Assist App

      1. Skip

    8. Battery Optimization

      1. Press Allow

  11. Press Next

  12. Grant

  13. Press Allow

  14. Press Allow

  15. Press Allow All the Time

  16. Allow Scalefusion to acess photos, media on the device

  17. Allow Scalefusion to record audio

  18. Press Next

  19. Scan the QR Code again for open enrollment

  20. Press Submit