Definitions of POS Rights with Function ID's

POS Rights


Function IDNameModuleDefinition
51LoginPOSZero - Ability to Login to the POS
52LogoutPOSZero - Ability to Logout of the POS
53Configration SettingsPOSZero - Ability to access the Configuration>Settings Module
54Configuration SetupPOSZero -  to access the Configuration>Setup Module
55Configuration TerminatePOSEnterprise - Ability to access the Configuration>Terminate Module
56Configuration HardwarePOSZero - Ability to access the Configuration>Hardware Module
57Mgmt Open BankPOSZero - Ability to access the Management>Open Bank Module
58Mgmt Close BankPOSZero - Ability to access the Management>Close Bank Module
59Mgmt Cash DrawerPOSZero - Ability to access the Management>Cash Drawer Module
60Transactions Normal SalePOSZero - Ability to access Transactions > Sales Transactions (Diff from 64?)
61Transactions Refund SalePOSZero - Ability to access Transactions > Refund Transactions
62Transactions Cash PickupPOSZero - Ability to access the Transaction > Cash Pickup
63Transactions Cash PayoutPOSZero - Ability to access Transactions > Cash Payout
64Transactions Normal SalePOSZero - Ability to access Transactions > Sales Transactions
65Reports Sales AdjustmentsPOSZero - Ability to access Reports > Daily Sales Report
66Reports Daily Sales SummaryPOSZero - Ability to access Reports > Daily Sales Summary
67Reports Activity CountPOSZero - Ability to access Reports > Activity Count
68Reports DepartmentPOSZero - Ability to access Reports > Department Totals
69Reports Trans SummaryPOSZero - Ability to access Reports > Transaction Summary Report
70Utilities BackupPOSZero - Ability to access Utilities > Backup
71Utilities RestorePOSZero - Ability to access Utilities > Restore
72NS Cash SalePOSZero - Ability to use Cash, Refund, Exchange Tender Buttons
73NS Credit CardsPOSZero - Ability to use Credit Tender Button
74NS Debit CardsPOSZero - Ability to ause Debit Tender Button
75NS CheckPOSZero - Ability to use Check Tender Button
76NS Gift CardsPOSZero - Ability to use Gift Card Tender Button
77NS Split TenderPOSZero - Ability to use Split Tender Button
78NS Add InventoryPOSOBSOLETE - Ability to add items
79NS Add CustomerPOSZero - Ability to add customers
80NS Speed KeysPOSZero - Ability to access speed keys (sales transactions screen)
81NS Price CheckPOSOBSOLETE - Ability to access price check
82NS Add ItemPOSOBSOLETE - Ring up an item
83NS LookupPOSZero - Ability to use item lookup
86NS SearchPOSZero - Ability to access the search/reprint reciepts
88Settings BackupPOSZero - Ability to configure backup settings
89Settings RecieptPOSZero - Ability to configure receipts
90Settings TransactionsPOSZero - Ability to access the transactions configuration screen
91Settings SpeedKeysPOSZero - Ability to set speed keys
92Settings PCChargePOSZero - Ability to configure payment gateway
94RS LookupPOSOBSOLETE - Ability to access Item look up when performing a refund
101Config App SettingsPOSZero - Access Configuring application settings
102NS Tax ExemptPOSOBSOLETE - Access the tax exempt function in sales screen
103Reports Cash BalancesPOSZero - Access the cash balances report
104Reports Special TransPOSZero- Access the Special Transactions report
105Mgmt Batch ClosePOSZero - Access the Batch Close function
194ADPSupervisorAccessPOSZero - Ability to give Supervisor access
293SettingsFunctionKeysPOSZero - Ability to configure speed keys
294SettingsCashDrawerPOSZero - Ability to access configure cash drawer
295SettingsCouponAutoRingUpPOSEnterprise - Ability to configure auto coupon
296SettingsSTSPOSZero - Ability to configure Gift Card STS settings
297SettingsTCCPOSEnterprise - Ability to configure Gift Card TCC settings
298UtilitiesTransferItemsPOSZero - Ability to transfer items
299UtilitiesCreateStoreOrderPOSEnterprise - Ability to create Store Orders
300QuantityOnHandPOSZero - Ability to access QOH
301TransactionSuspendPOSZero -  to suspend transactions
302TransactionResumePOSZero - Ability to resume transactions
303GiftCardActivationPOSZero - Ability to activate gift cards
304SettingsAuthrizeDotNetPOSZero - Ability to configure authorize dot net gateway
306Trans DiscountsPOSZero - Ability to use transaction level discounts
323Configure Logger LevelPOSOBSOLETE
326TurnOnDebugPOSZero - Ability to turn on Debug
1037Refund VerificationPOSZero - Ability to select the Verify refund button
1038Item Rate ModifyPOSZero - 
1039Inv Initiate TransferPOSZero - Ability to initiate transfer
1041Syncronize TransactionPOSZero - Ability to synchronize transactions
1042Synchronize MasterTablePOSZero - Ability to Synchronize master tables
1043NS Item EditPOSOBSOLETE - Ability to edit items in the sales screen (sale)
1044RS Item EditPOSOBSOLETE - Ability to edit items in the sales screen (refund)
1045RS Tax ExemptPOSOBSOLETE - Ability to use tax exempt (refund)
1046NS Line CouponPOSZero - Ability to use transaction level coupons
1047Mgmt Z ReportPOSZero - Ability to print out Z report
1048Mgmt ZZ ReportPOSEnterprise - Ability to print out ZZ report
1049Refund Receipt SearchPOSZero -Ability to search for receipts to refund
1050Barcode ConfigurPOSZero - Ability to configure and print bar codes
1055PrePaid POSPOSEnterprise - Accessing Prepaid
1057Settings Quick PickPOSZero
1058NS Quick PickPOSZero