Definitions of CAS Rights - Function IDs

CAS Rights


1LoginCASAbility to Login to CAS
2LogoutCASAbility to Logout of CAS
3EmployeeCASAccess to the Create Employee Function
4MerchantCASAccess to the Create Merchant Function (Not available at the Merchant access Level)
7BackupSettingsCASAccess POS Settings>Backup
8MailSettingsCASAccess POS Settings>Mail Settings
10CompanyCASAccess Config>Company
12Email Alert Manage Email Alerts
13Venue Create Venue
16Reporting Group Create Reporting Group
17Modify Hierarchy Modify Hierarchy
18Setup Register Setup register
19Terminate Register Terminate register
20Replace Register Replace Register
21Receive Backup  
22Backup Backup POS
24CVS Import Import CSV files
26Hierarchy Create Warehouse
32Report Receiving Journal Generate Receiving Journal
35Report Real Time Sale Generate Real Time Sales
36Report Periodic Sales Generate Periodic Sales
37Report Transfer Generate Transfer Report
40Report Emp List Generate Employee ID listing report
41Report Merchant List Generate Merchant ID listing report
42Report Register Status Generate Employee Register Status Report
43Report InvID List Generate POS Unit Status Report
151Inv Discount Create Discounts
152Inv Tax Create Tax codes
153Inv Dept Create Departments
154Inv Royalty Create Royalty
155Inv Item Create Items
156Inv Package Create Package Items
157Inv_ItemLookup Use the Item lookup feature
158Inv_ModifyInv Modify Inventory
160Inv_MercReceipt Receive Merchandise
161Inv_InitTransfer Initiate Transfers
162Inv_CommitTransfer Commit Transfers
163Inv_PriceList Create Post Dated Price List
165Report_InvItemLookup Generate Item lookup Report
166Report_TotalSale Generate Total Sales Report
181Special_Transactions Generate Special Transactions Report
182Cash_Balances Generate Cash Balances Report
183Salestax_Settlement Generate Sales Tax Settlement Report
184Report BestSeller Generate Best Seller Report
185SpeedKeys Set Speed keys
187Discount Summary Generate Discount Summary Report
202EmpExportEmployee Export Employee Data
203EmpCommitExportEmployee Commit New Hire Data
204EmpExportPayData Export Pay Data
205EmpCommitExportPayData Commit Pay Data
206CompanyInfo Enter Company Info
207PayrollSettings Setup Payroll Settings
208RegisterPOS Register POS
209UpdatePOS Update POS
210DeletePOS Delete POS
211PaymentSettings Setup Payment Gateway
218CashDrawer Setup When Cash Drawer Opens
219OpeningClosingBank Open/Close Bank Settings
220PackageHandling Configure Package handling
221RelatedItemRecommendations Setup Recomended Items
229Modify Employee Create Employee
230Modify TimeCard Mgmt Modify Employee
231Modify Password Modify Own Password
232Modify User Rights Modify User Rights
233Create Merchant Create Merchant
234Modify Merchant Modify Merchant
235Zone Create Zone
236Create Store Create Store
237Sales Projections Create Sales Projection
238Sponsor Store Create Virtual Store
239Create Register Create Register
240Inv Category Create Category
241Inv Subcategory Create Subcategories
243Color Create Color
244Size Create Size
245SizeBrick Create Size Brick
246Vendor Create Vendor
247MeasurementUnit Create Measurement Unit
250ReorderLevel Create Reorder Level
251Coupon Create Coupon
252RefundReasons Create Refund Reason
253PriceBook Setup Pricebook
254ModifyTransactions Modify Transaction codes
255MessageBroadCast Broadcast Messages to registers
258InitManualSales Initiate Manual Sales
259CommitManualSales Commit Manual Sales
260InitiateAdjustment Initiate Inventory Adjustment
262CommitAdjustment Commit Inventory Adjustment
266GenerateMerchandiseReceipt Generate Merchandise Receipt
269CreatePO Create Purchase Order
270POApprowal Approval, Delete, Modify Purchase Orders
271POTrack Track Purchase Orders
273CreateSO Create Store Order
274SOTrack Track Store Orders
275Customers Create/modify/view Customers
278CreateDV Create Financial Reconciliation
280Report Emp Time Generate Time and attendance Report
281Report Emp Productivity Generate Employee Productivity Report
282Report_Invent_Adjustment Generate Inventory Adjustment Report
283Rep_PendingOrder Generate Pending Order Report
284Rep_ReOrderLevel Generate Reorder Level Report
285Rep_BinLocation Generate Bin Location Report
286Rep_Receipt Generate Merchandise Receipt Report
287Rep_ProjectedSale Generate Projected Sales Report
288Rep_Coupon Generate Coupon Report
289Rep_Refund Generate Refund Report
290Rep_Finential Generate Financial Reconciliation Report
291Rep_TransID Generate Transaction ID report