Customer Level Price Book

Customer Level

A merchant creating a loyalty program for their VIP static group customers, can create a price book where they can select t a few items or a group of items to be included with a new price or discount. When customers are added to the transaction and items are rung up that fall within the price book they will automatically  be priced at the special pricebook pricing.











Say you have started taking customer information at the POS to create a mailer for promotions and new products, but would like to offer more incentive for customers who join or fall within a "VIP" setting. You could setup a discount for those customers, but then you have to make sure that when they come in that the cashiers know about the discount and what group gets the discount. What if there was another way? You could setup a price book for the items that are being discounted, then apply that price book to the customer group that you wish to offer the incentive to. When they come to the register provide their name or customer number; then add items to the transaction; if the items are found within the price book set for their customer group it will automatically adjust for either a new price or discount. As the merchant, you get to provide the incentive without the head ache of a missed discount on a transaction.